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Buffalo Scale & Supply Co. is the region's leading distributor of Rice Lake® Weighing Systems, a company world renowned for delivering the highest standard of product in the weighing industry.

Weighing Systems Built for Perfection and Reliability

Rice Lake offers over 40,000 weighing, control, data collection and communication products with over one million items in stock and available for same- or next-day shipping. Rice Lake continues to lead the industry in technological advances and quality products such as indicators/controllers, heavy capacity scales, floor scales, balances, medical scales, retail scales and dimensioning.

Buffalo Scale & Supply Co. can help you find them all at the best price! We are also vendors for all makes and models of scale equipment.

wheelchair lift scale

Truck Scales

truck scale by rice lake

Designed to provide reliable performance under the most demanding conditions, SURVIVOR truck scales by RiceLake® Weighing Systems are built with more structural steel, a superior support structure and innovative design features that provide consistent accuracy, less downtime and longer scale life.

Laboratory Balances

laboratory balances

For precision weighing needs, Rice Lake carries many types of quality laboratory balances that are ideal for classrooms, laboratories, environmental and industrial applications. Many feature cutting-edge technology and functional design, delivering accurate performance while improving efficiency in the lab.

Medical Scales

medical scales

Rice Lake offers a broad selection of medical, health and fitness devices that meet the highest standards of quality, performance and value. Health scales are ideal for use in clinics, hospitals, fitness centers, weight rooms, rehabilitation facilities and athletic departments.

Weight Indicators

weight indicator

From simple weight displays to equipment that controls an entire automated process, Rice Lake offers unbeatable technology for today's industrial needs. Weight indicators and controllers are ideal for basic weighing and data collection, recipe formulation and inventory management..

Custom, Precise Weighing Solutions for Your Business

Buffalo Scale & Supply Co. will work with you to find the most precise combination of weighing solutions. With over 150 years in the business, we rise above our competitors with our extensive, trusted knowledge in the industry.

Other weighing products we offer include:


  • Junction Boxes

    A junction box is required to properly manage multiple-load cell systems. Rice Lake junction boxes are designed to withstand the elements and keep sensitive electronics protected.

  • Simulators

    Simulators are a must-have tool for troubleshooting and testing electronic weight indicators. These devices simulate the signal of a load cell under a range of load conditions. Rice Lake carries several different simulator models varying in function and capability.

  • Printers

    Rice Lake carries a wide selection of printer models to meet the demands of nearly any printing task.

  • Scanners

    For quickly and accurately reading most popular bar code and UPC labels, handheld scanners are a must have tool for inventory management and process control.

Agricultural Scales

  • Livestock Scales

    Rice Lake has tailored some of our most durable products to meet the specific needs of the farming and agriculture industry. Our livestock scales are perfectly suited for the toughest jobs around.

  • Agricultural Pipe Levers

    Pipe-lever scales are an economical choice for many tank or hopper applications. The agriculture and construction industries have depended on pipe levers to provide reliable electro-mechanical operation that's easy to maintain. These systems can be customized to your unique weighing needs.


  • iDimension™ Series

    Rice Lake's iDimension™ Series captures an image of packages, flats, poly bags, tubes and irregular shaped items in record time to calculate the dimensions of your packages for shipment.

Dynamic Weighing

  • In-Motion CheckWeighing

    MotoWeigh® in-motion weighing systems offer a broad selection of features and options to maximize efficiency.

  • Belt Scales

    Monitoring the material flow rate with a belt scale system ensures accurate and consistent weight output. Ideal for mining, quarries, bulk material blending, process control, and truck, barge or rail load-out applications, belt scale systems are one of the fastest methods of moving and weighing bulk material.

  • Belt Scale Accessories

    Rice Lake offers the highest quality belt scale accessories to keep your equipment running smoothly, from speed sensors to couplers, speed wheels and more.


  • Wire Communication

    Wireless transmitters and receivers easily communicate data between various electronics in your scale system

  • Intrinsically Safe and Hazardous Environment Equipment

    For use in volatile areas, Rice Lake offers the very best in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof equipment. These devices require detailed attention to specification and installation guidelines. For IS system compatibility, use these intrinsically safe indicators with Rice Lake's selection of FM-approved load cells.

  • Remote Displays/Scoreboards

    Many applications require additional displays to connect to an indicator/controller. Whether you need to see it up close or at a distance, Rice Lake can light up your information for dependable and easy viewing day after day.

  • Condec Pressure Instrumentation

    The Condec brand has stood the test of time with popular and dependable models of pressure instrumentation that continue to be in high demand.

Load Cells/Weight Modules

  • Load Cells

    Whether it's a replacement load cell, or one for a custom application, Rice Lake can get it to you right away. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are on hand to answer questions and help you select the best equipment for your needs.

  • Weigh Modules

    We offer over 20 different mount styles, including the industry's only waterproof-guaranteed weigh modules. Complete mounting kits are available with our weigh modules, simplifying the selection and installation processes.

  • Load Cell Cable

    Rice Lake offers a broad selection of load cell cable, as well as the ability to custom-build cable designed specifically for your application.

  • Load Cell Hardware

    Make load cell installation simple and effective with our complete selection of supporting hardware and accessories.

  • Junction Boxes

    A junction box is required to properly manage multiple-load cell systems. Rice Lake junction boxes are designed to withstand the elements and keep sensitive electronics protected.

Mechanical Scales

  • Portable Beam Scales

    Rice Lake's portable beam scales are designed to deliver the ultimate in portability and durability.

  • Mechanical Scales Parts

    Pipe Lever Scale Type I Repair Parts, Pipe Lever Scale Parts on Stands, 10,000lb Repair Parts, and Fairbanks Rodan Truck Scale Repair Parts

Overhead Scales

  • Crane Scales

    Rice Lake offers cranes scales from reputable crane scale manufacturers, as well as our own brand of Measurement Systems International crane scales and integrated system solutions for industrial weighing and process control.

  • Hanging Scales

    Rice Lake hanging scales are available for a variety of suspended weighing tasks and applications.

  • Monorail Scales

    Weigh red meat or poultry in-process as trolleys move product along a rail system. Rice Lake offers a customizable selection of both portable and permanent models.

  • Aircraft Load Monitoring

    MSI is best known in the rotary aviation industry for the design and manufacture of helicopter cargo hook load monitoring equipment. The company is recognized as the primary source for these systems.

  • MSI Software

    The MSI CellScale technology is optimized with the CellScale Virtual Monitor Software. Keep all data at a glance on a PC with this specialized software that compiles information from all your CellScale-compatible devices.

  • MSI Tension Dynamometers

    For both vertical and horizontal tension measurement, dynamometers provide versatility and performance for industrial weighing tasks.

  • Systems Integration/Load Cells

    Rice Lake Weighing Systems' Measurement Systems International brand offers MSI-Shear Web Load Cells to enhance integrated solutions for overweight weighing operations. With customization available for most applications, the MSI-Shear Web Load Cell can be integrated into virtually any hoist or crane system, providing the highest quality overhead weighing solutions.

    Rice Lake's Twist Lock Sensors are specifically designed and engineered to to meet the requirements of the SOLAS cargo industry. The durability and accuracy makes it an important product for your SOLAS solution.

Platform Scales

  • Floor Scales

    Rice Lake floor scales carry the durable reputation and strength of the RoughDeck® name. Whether its steers, steel, pallets, people or semi trucks, Rice Lake has a floor scale to fit your needs.

  • Bench Scales

    For mobility and convenience, bench scales offer ideal features that are adaptable to a wide range of applications. Rice Lakes diverse bench scale selection offers a product for almost any conceivable capacity or requirement.

  • Checkweighers

    Checkweighers are designed to add efficiency to manufacturing, sorting and food-processing applications. Product weight is checked to be within a preset range or target. Rice Lake offers checkweighers for many applications, environments and processes.

  • Counting Scales

    Counting scales are an essential tool for counting high volumes of identical parts. Rice Lake has a selection of reliable and user-friendly devices you can count on for your specific application.

  • Aviation Scales

    Rice Lake has a full line of products engineered for the specific demands of the aviation industry. Busy airports and baggage terminals depend on the quality of Rice Lake's Tracer® AV and AVi, and the durability of our rugged cargo lift and floor scales.

Retail Equipment

  • Price Computing Scales

    Find a vast array of features in Rice Lake's line of attractive price computing scales. Price computing scale units meet the needs of many of today's busy retail settings.

  • Wrappers

    Wrapping systems from Rice Lake Retail are customizeable workstations to best suit your weighing, wrapping and labeling needs. Ishida provides solutions for both automatic and manual applications.

  • Retail Software

    Scale management software from Ishida will help you get the most out of your retail scale system. From PLU storage to price updates, we offer software to meet your expanding data management needs.

  • Retail Accessories

    Rice Lake has a selection of tools and options available to customize your retail workspace. From fillet knives to conveyors, design your workstation to be functional and efficient.

Test Weights/Calibration

  • Test Weights

    Rice Lake manufactures a wide selection of quality test weights for various applications. We offer full calibration services, and our friendly customer service staff can help make sure you have just what you need.

  • Weight Calibration Services

    Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ mass calibration laboratory features an industry-leading four-day turnaround with direct traceability to NIST and has received the NIST/NVLAP recognition of excellence. Our expert metrology staff stays up-to-date on the latest industry trends and requirements and are ready to assist and answer your questions.

  • Selecting Test Weights

    Rice Lake Weighing Systems manufactures a wide selection of quality test weights for various applications. Use the resources below to help select the right test weights for the right applications.

  • Heusser Neweigh Metrology Services

    Heusser Neweigh is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by A2LA, and was founded in 1906 to serve the mining industry with precision balances. Today, Heusser Neweigh is one of the mostly highly respected brands in its market and specializes in a variety of metrology and calibration services including test weights and instruments for measuring mass, temperature, force, dimensions, physical measurements, pressure and volume.

Vehicle Scale Systems

  • Rail Scales

    Railroad track scales incorporate Rice Lake durability to create a rugged, accurate heavy-duty weighing system for many application needs.

  • Axle Scales

    Axle scales are an economical, adaptable and portable solution for vehicle and truck weighing. As with any other Rice Lake truck scales, durable construction sets these products apart from the competition.

  • Forklift/Pallet Scales

    Eliminate the need for extra steps in your material handling process. Instead of bringing product to the scale, put a scale where your product already goes. Rice Lake has several options for onboard weighing with both lift trucks and pallet jacks.

  • Onboard Weighing

    Onboard scale systems are an invaluable asset to busy drivers, fleet managers and dispachers. If you can't bring the product to the scale, we'll bring the scale to the product. Rice Lake designs custom solutions for almost any conceivable need. Find onboard models for straight trucks, tractor trailers and wheel loaders.

  • Vehicle Scale Accessories

    Handwriting a ticket for each weighment is not only time consuming and tedious, but also leaves room for human error. The Rice Lake line of automated ticketing kiosks, printers and accessories eliminates both problems, giving your system the efficiency it needs to keep up with growing business.

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